Process Overview

Once a candidate has completed the Membership application and returned it to the Membership Director, a member number is issued immediately and you are ready to use the club. However the entire Board approval takes about 60 days. The application is submitted for approval at the Board of Directors meeting at the end of the month. It is a two step process with a primary approval and a final approval the following month. Once approved, a letter/email of acceptance is sent to the candidate and a membership card is issued.  You will also receive a welcome packet.

Steps to become a Member

1. Obtain a membership application by downloading one below or by calling, Dawn Miller at 419.254.2980 or email at
2. Complete and sign the application.
3. Identify and obtain signatures and letters of recommendation from one (1) Proposer and two (2) sponsors. Letters must accompany application.
4. Completed application and required credit information will be presented to the Board of Directors at their monthly meeting.
5. Prospective members receiving primary approval will be posted to the Toledo Club membership for one month.
6. Final approval will take place the following month at the Board of Directors meeting.