Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Toledo Club?

We are a private membership City Club located in downtown Toledo, OH at 235 14th Street, on the corner of Madison and 14th Street. We offer the very finest in dining, entertainment, squash and fitness. We are proud of our rich history.

What facilities are available to members of The Toledo Club?

All classifications of membership have access to the entire club which includes all dining facilities, meeting/banquet rooms and the Athletic Department.

What amenities do you offer?

Our Front Desk is open 24/7 for assistance and dry cleaning services. They will also help you with Gourmet To Go (Food take out).
We have a barber shop with shoe shine and manicure services, a tailor and licensed massage therapists.

What types of Memberships do you offer?

The Toledo Club offers an array of classifications to meet most individual circumstances. We have Full Resident, Intermediate, Junior, Dual resident and Non-resident memberships.

Is there an age restriction?

You must be 21 years old to join.

Who is included as part of a family?

All dependents under the age of 21 years old and living at home. After the age of 21, he/she can take advantage of a Junior membership.

Is there a Food & Beverage Minimum at The Toledo Club?

Yes. The amount varies depending on the classification.

What if I have a question about my bill? Who can I speak with?

Any questions reguarding your account can be directed to Stephanie Marlow, our accounting analyst at 419-254-2977 or email at

Who do I call if I can't log into the website?

You may call Matthew Sayre, Executive Assistant on 419-254-2980 or email

Are guests of Members welcome to enjoy the Club as well?

Members are welcome to bring guests to enjoy The Toledo Club. Guests are always welcome, when accompanied by a Member. Members are responsible for informing their guests of the Dress Code and club policies. Guests are welcome to use credit cards for any payment.

Can a current Membership be transferred to someone else?

No, all memberships are individual. Each person is responsible for their membership and account.

How will new members meet other members after they join?

There are many events planned and the Membership Director will make sure to introduce you to some other members.

Are there monthly dues associated with membership?

Yes. Members are responsible for the payment of monthly dues. The specific amount depends on membership category. Dues for a Full Membership are about $350 per month.

Do I also need to tip my servers?

No. This is a non-tipping facility. 

Do I need to make reservations for dining or special events?

Yes. We encourage everyone to make reservations for both regular dining and special events. It helps us to plan for the level of service that is expected.

Are children welcome at The Toledo Club?

We embrace young families with children. We encourage families to participate in squash, swimming, fitness activities as well as other events tailored for children. A baby changing table is located in the third floor handicapped bathroom.

How are monthly dues determined and do they increase?

Monthly dues are determined by the Board of Directors. Because of the varying nature of costs, labor laws, wage rates, untilites and so forth, monthly dues typically increase from time to time. Dues are established in January.

There are many great restaurants in Toledo, why should I join The Toledo Club?

Besides the high standards for dining, service and atmosphere, at The Toledo Club you are called by name and the sfaff caters to your personal preferences each time you are in. It also offers you a chance to meet and mingle with Toledo's business and community leaders on a regular basis.

I travel frequently, do you have arrangements with other clubs in the US or abroad?

Yes. We are affliated with over 100 clubs in the US, 15 in Canada and about 20 internationally. You can find a list of reciprocal clubs here, on the website.
You may make your reservation directly with the reciprocal club and then ask our Executive Assistant to send them a letter of introduction.
Make sure you check their hours of operations, parking, dress code and payment requirements.

Am I able to go to a local club and play golf?

Yes. We have reciprocity with several local clubs that will allow you to play golf and dine at their facilities.